Live from the stage/my workspace

Live from the stage/my workspace


Clare Celeste Boersch


I am a Berlin-based American social entrepreneur, artist, project manager, and policy wonk.

I bring a combination of  nonprofit and public sector policy experience + a full design and visual arts portfolio. In my policy work, I use my design and arts background to reimagine how research is presented to make complex information visually enticing and easy to grasp.

I was born in Thailand and have lived in Brazil, Italy, the United States, Honduras, Argentina, and now Germany.  My experience spans across several continents and areas of focus: I have worked with arts organizations, public agencies, nonprofits, design agencies, and publishers.  I have a uniquely rounded view of my field, having worked as both grants manager and grants writer; artist and arts funder; activist and government employee, as a creative and as a policy analyst.

My background allows me to temper my idealism as an artist and social activist with practical knowledge that comes from years working as a community organizer and government employee on a local policy initiatives. I can see both the city on the mountain- and the many incremental steps needed to get there. I am both a realist and a dreamer.

I am the co-founder of Art for Change, launching in Spring of 2017, a B-Corp that uses the arts as a fresh and accessible entry point for civic engagement and discourse.  





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