I am a Berlin-based policy analyst, project manager, and designer dedicated to fostering positive social change.

I bring a combination of  nonprofit and public sector policy experience + a full design and visual arts portfolio. 

Clare Celeste Börsch was born in Thailand and has lived in Brazil, Italy, the United States, Honduras, Argentina, and now Germany. She has worked with public agencies, nonprofits, and design agencies and brings an international mindset and indefatigable optimism for positive social change to all her work. Clare holds a Master's Degree in Public Policy from the University of California, Los Angeles and speaks English, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

Clare has over a decade of experience working with nonprofit and public agencies on:
project and program management
grant management
policy analysis
strategic planning
campaign management
program development
communications work.

She is comfortable managing large scale and multi-tiered projects and feels very much in her element when working creatively, collaboratively, and responsively. She has managed projects from conception to execution, overseen budgets, headed research and analysis, conducted impact analysis for public programs, and executed successful public relations and online campaigns.

Clare brings a unique combination of  nonprofit and public sector policy experience + a full design and visual arts portfolio. Clare has a uniquely rounded view of her field, having worked as both grants manager and grants writer; artist and arts funder; activist and government employee, as a creative and as a policy analyst. Her background allows her to temper her idealism as an artist and social activist with practical knowledge that comes from years working as a community organizer and government employee on a local policy initiatives.  

As a designer, she uses her design background to reimagine how information and research are presented to make complex or dense information visually enticing and easy to grasp.

Would you like to get in touch? Send an email! info@clareceleste.com