Life as Collage


From hundreds of impressions, one composition.

Clare Celeste Börsch has been assimilating to different cultures and environments her entire life – having lived in Brazil, the US, Italy, Honduras, Argentina and Germany. Rich with texture and detail, each composition pays tribute to her capacity to transform her archive of experiences into hallucinogenic ecosystems of their own. The lush assemblages of fauna and flora exude a visceral and intimate fragility. They speak to the mutable nature of memories as reconstructions that border on mythologies.


Life As Collage

My mother carries her camera and a stick to scare away the packs of dogs.
Her images, deep red and saffron, fill carousels of slides. A few weeks later, I am born.
Rangoon 1982

The equatorial sun hits the reef’s edge in a spray of light.
A machete is held tight as a boy slips, barefoot, into the fronds of a palm tree.
Recife 1986

The white foam of a city fountain breaks the heat of August.
Washington DC 1992

A hidden pool behind a stone wall.
As the sun sets we slipped off our clothes and into the dark water. The full Tuscan night.
Florence 1994

The unending white concrete of Sao Paulo.
An 8 year old boy holds up a knife, my heart breaks.
Sao Paulo 1998

At the river basin, caked in salt crystals, the ocean swells inland.
Parańa, 1999

Sun-drenched ocean, shimmering highways, wind-whipped heat.
The city is burning again.
Los Angeles 2010

The forest bed is wet and alive. I enter the lake.
Above, the hum of insects and the voice of my child. Below, the green silence.
Berlin 2016