The Changer

Community Manager Application: 
Video, Cover Letter, & Resume

Thank you for taking the time to review my application! I am a true fan of The Changer: your platform has been incredibly important to me as I seek out a like-minded community and opportunities to create positive social change in Berlin.  I believe, and I hope you will too, that I am an ideal candidate for the Community Manager position.

I have created a custom video for this application (above). My resume is available for download here. I have also built my website as a fun and interactive way to explore my professional experience and design portfolio.

I am a true world-citizen: I was born in Thailand and have lived in Brazil, Italy, the United States, Honduras, Argentina, and now Germany.  My experience spans across several continents and areas of focus: I have worked with arts organizations, public agencies, nonprofits, design agencies, and publishers.  I have a uniquely rounded view of my field, having worked as both grants manager and grants writer; artist and arts funder; activist and government employee; as an independent creative and as a collaborative community organizer.

Although I have worked on many different projects, and have taken on various professional roles, I am always- in every situation- working to: Educate, Engage, Empower, Bring People Together, and Create Change. In both my  academic and professional work, I aim to understand and improve the status quo.

My multifaceted background allows me to temper my idealism as an artist and social activist with practical knowledge that comes from years working as a community organizer and government employee on a local policy initiatives. I bring a combination of  nonprofit and public sector policy experience + a full design and visual arts portfolio. In my policy work, I use my design and arts background to reimagine how information and research is presented. I use illustration and design to make complex or dense information visually enticing and easy to grasp.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

I hope we have the opportunity to create something meaningful and transformative together!