UCLA Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity, and Politics

Public Policy Researcher, Ethnographic Researcher
Los Angeles and Orange County, CA (2010)


Conducted ethnographic research for the UCLA Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity, and Politics. The interviews took place over three months in Orange County and examined views on immigration, white privilege, racism against Latinos, Latino immigrant incorporation and structural inequalities. 

This project required me to go "under cover": my father is Mexican-American and my roots are Chicana. However, I do not look Chicana and I kept my heritage undercover as I was conducting these interviews, over twenty hours of them, and maintained a level of equilibrium and positive encouragement so that the interviews could be as honest as possible. This was harder than it may sound. It also gave me a very real, and unsettling, insight into the nature of white rage, white privilege and racism in America. It also meant that I was truly concerned about Trump's presidential run long before election day came- because I knew first-hand how appealing his message was to many upper-class white republicans.